Falcon Studio Aden and Jordan Jaric Collection

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Falcon Studios
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric
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Scene 1 - Endless Crush
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric

Aden and Jordan finally come together for the reunion they've been aching for. They start off slow and deliberate, until passion kicks into high gear and they bombard each other with spirited enthusiasm, climaxing in two explosive bursts of man cream.

Scene 2 - Rough Play
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric

Jordan wakes the sleeping Aden with the warning that if he wants to remain on the team, he's got to undergo the hazing tradition or the seniors will kick him to the curb. To ensure he'll be ready to meet the challenge, Jordan suggests some extracurricular and strenuous personal training. Strapping his partner to the bedposts with dirty smelly jockstraps, Jordan begins the initiation with some rough and tumble play, slapping Aden with more jockstraps and then his cock. Next he probes his ass with his fingers inflicting the right amount of pain and pleasure. Jordan then mounts Aden and forces him to eat his ass. Before long, the two 69 in mutual delight. Jordan spreads Aden's legs apart and begins to fuck the bejesus out of him, smothering him with kisses and forceful thrusts. Both cum, but Aden begs for more and Jordan willingly complies, fucking him more 'til he cums again.

Scene 3 - Winter Heat
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric

These two snowboarders play well with each other. Finding themselves alone in a secluded clearing Aden and Jordan Jaric hungrily feed on each others dicks. Just a prelude to what follows when they go home to continue eating cock, rimming ass and fucking like sex-starved snow bunnies.

Scene 4 - Best Men Part 2: The Wedding Party
Starring Aden Jaric, Jordan Jaric, Austin Wylde, Turk Mason & Erik Rhodes

For supposedly being the best wedding planners in town, the Jarics find themselves behind schedule. They've still got a lot to do; the bar's not even set up. Where the fuck is the staff? Aden finds Austin Wylde and Turk Mason messing around and joins the fun. Then Jordan comes in and makes it a real party. Meanwhile Erik Rhodes is intent on finding something to slide down his gullet. Instead of finding a drink to nurse on, he settles for both Turk's and Austin's slick pricks. There is so much sucking, rimming and fucking among the five men - the still horny couple and the sex-crazed threesome - that when they finally all climax, the cum flows like crazy.

Scene 5 - Malibu Heat
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric

When Aden first arrived at Malibu Resort, he noticed another guest handsome blond Jordan. The attraction was mutual and a connection inevitable. Its obvious the men complement each other. They kiss, touch and fondle each other with an easy familiarity. They are completely in synch sucking cock and rimming ass. Then Aden takes charge, mounts Jordan and for the first time caught on video fucks his partners hole with gentle yet forceful thrusts. Jordan is delirious with the assault on his virgin ass and soon unloads, not just once but twice. Aden responds in kind, leaving both men completely wasted and satisfied.

Scene 6 - Burning Desires - SUPER HOT SCENE
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric

Ascending the staircase hand in hand, Aden and Jordan Jaric reach the top and stop to celebrate their love. Their passionate kissing quickly leads to sensuous foreplay as Jordan kneels before Aden to suck his cock. Because these two have been an exclusive couple for a long time, they know the secrets of each others bodies so well, what buttons to push to make the other quake, what special trickery theyve mastered to keep the passion burning fiercely. They take turns sucking cock before they start to rim each others ass familiar territory their tongues have travelled over many times before. Then Jordan plunges his cock into Adens hole, fucking him hard. They switch roles and Aden plows into Jordans ass with as much profound intensity if not more. Then laying on their backs, ass to ass, they connect via a two-headed dildo crammed up their holes. They twist and gyrate, growing more and more stimulated. They start beating their meat and then Aden and Jordan are home free as they explode with blasts of cum Jordan twice.

Scene 7 - The Trainer - ANOTHER SUPER HOT SCENE
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric

Putting in a lot of physical effort to improve their health and fitness, Aden and Jordan work hard under Tys direction. But all that training makes them really horny and the guys are anxious to work off all that sexual energy. Alone in the locker room, intoxicated with the musky smells resulting from the strenuous exercise, they start to unwind. They start nursing on each others stiff cocks, tasting and enjoying the salty sweetness. The action continues in the showers as they take turns rimming each others puckered holes, before Jordan fucks Aden in the ass from behind. Then they hit the steamroom where Jordan resumes plundering Adens hole. They work up a sweat in the sultry, humid room, their passion for each other burning hot until they reward each other with massive shots of jism.

Scene 8 - Dripping Wet 2
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric

Falcon Exclusive couple Aden and Jordan Jaric find romance under the sheltering canopy of lush palm trees. They drench each other with cool water; their tight briefs get soaking wet...exposing their fat hard veiny cocks as they grow. They look huge, beautiful, seductive. Aden reaches inside and pulls Jordan's cock out to suck on it. Then he tongue fucks Jordan's tight hole between those peachy asscheeks. Jordan responds by paying oral homage to Aden's fat hard cock, then probes his hole with the tip of his flickering tongue. Aden gets behind his partner and pumps his cock into Jordan's ass, each forceful thrust an affirmation of his enduring devotion. The guys switch it up again so Jordan can take his turn feeling the heat of Aden's tight hole. They both finally release their loads in thick bursts of ivory satisfaction

Scene 9 - Morning Wood
Starring - Aden & Jordan Jaric

Comfy and cozy in each others warm embrace, Aden and Jordan Jaric are the picture of harmony. Aden runs his hand down Jordan's muscular body and stops at the crotch to grab his morning wood. Both men now awake and completely aroused, they start to kiss. Aden sucks his lover's dick, making him coo with appreciation before Jordan responds in kind and swallows cock himself. The taste of Aden's sausage is ample nourishment right now and he wants his fill of it. Then with Aden's head hanging over the side of the bed, Jordan starts to face fuck him. He next swings him around and onto his back so he can rim his ass. Jordan licks and slurps the hole before he gets up to fuck it hard. With a hint of mischievous adventure, Jordan shoves a hefty manrammer and then a steel dildo into Aden's crack. Aden is excited and resumes sucking his darling's ding-a-ling while sliding the latex toy inside his hole. He climaxes and cums first; then Jordan blasts his satisfied partner with his spooge.

*Please be warned - some scenes (1-2 scenes exact) in this movie are not great quality as this is an old movie.  Most scenes are fine though & fucking hot.
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