Freshwave - Villa Of Games

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Eight members of the British "Brat Pack" are brought together for a weekend of sun, sea and sex;
Shot exclusively on location in the Portuguese sunshine. With loving boyfriend Greg (Aaron Slater) stuck in the office all weekend, Dean (Ryan Williams) decides to treat himself to a weekend in the sun at a luxury gay villa in the Algarve. But when Greg turns up unexpectedly, is Dean pleased his other half has jetted over to see him, or have his plans for a different kind of weekend away been scuppered; especially as the villa comes complete with a further half-a-dozen horny young guys also fully determined to make the most of their time in the sunshine.
With so much temptation around, will any of those distractions get the better of Greg or Dean? It's bound to be a weekend of bluff and double bluff in the Villa of Games! Filmed entirely on location in the Algarve, Portugal at Casa Amigos, Aldeia of Foral, the schooner 'Isaura', Lagos Marina.

Cast: Ryan Williams, Aaron Slater, Kyle Thomas, Jack Williams, Kristian Hawke, Mark Richards, Jamie Carter, Dan Hunter
Director: Steven Brewer
Duration: 1 Hour 27 mins

Bit rate                        : 1 197 Kbps
Width                            : 320 pixels
Height                          : 240 pixels
Display aspect ratio            : 4:3

Online review:
Villa of Games is a refreshing change from the average. Having never seen a Freshwave Production, I wasn't really sure what to expect, and I was very pleasantly surprised by it. Watching "Villa of Games" was like watching a porn video edited with an 80 minute music video. Whoever came up with the concept came up with a brilliant idea. The film's editing was outstanding and the sex was great fun, and the whole video flowed perfectly.

There was a bit of a story line: Two cute boys, with their relationship on the rocks, meet a few others while on vacation at a luxury villa. They catch each other having sex with another boy and that boy becomes their houseboy. The End. And who needs more than that for a porno?

Ryan Williams, Aaron Slater and Kyle Thomas bring passion and fun to the screen and the other models provide perfectly complimentary casting! Filmed at a resort in Great Britain, with one scene filmed on a luxury sailboat, the scenery is beautiful and enhances an already classy production. Porn doesn't get much better than this! Now my only question is, where can I buy the awesome music soundtrack?

Enjoy the show and look out for the guy with the long cock!
2011-04-18 17:56:10
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