SayUncle - Troop Sex - How We Do It In The Force - Greg McKeon & Jack Waters BB [1080p]

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Release date: 20th November 2022

It’s hazing time for new recruit Jack! Officer Greg takes the young blond cadet outdoors to teach him to follow orders. Jack obliges him dutifully, taking off his clothes at his request. Yet, the soldier is not the only one standing straight. Jack’s dick is hard and juicy, something Greg will take advantage of. As he blows the complying soldier, Jack must retribute his superior by sucking his cock too. Next, the officer tries the cadet’s bubble butt, spanking it and playing around with his tongue. Feeling horny and submissive, Jack is now ready to complete his first training: having his ass pounded by officer Greg.

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19:45 minutes
2022-11-20 09:16:14
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