YouLoveJack - Aaron and Corey

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This week's video is the first in our special "Shot by Jack" series - real amateur guys getting it on but the video's shot by us so you see everything! All the right angles and incredible closeups make you feel like you're sitting right there with these guys! Yowza!

When the video opens, Corey's got his hand up Aaaron's pant leg as they joke around with the videographer (hey, that's me!) There's a great relationship between all three of us and it really shows as everyone is totally relaxed and natural right off the bat.

It doesn't take Aaron long to interject, "Well, I'm getting naked now..." and the action is off and running. He whips off his shorts and reveals his already hard cock stretching the fabric of his underwear. Corey isn't wasting any time so he pulls Aaron's underwear down and grab's his buddy's 7 inch uncut rod. And speaking of rods, can I just say - Aaron's cock is fucking gorgeous. Rock hard and perfectly shaped - deelicious!

The anticipation builds for a little while longer as Corey takes of his clothes to match Aaron. Aaron's eyes are locked on Corey's crotch as he methodically removes his clothese before diving on Aaron's cock.

The camera is up close and personal as Corey opens his mouth super wide and slides Aaron's gorgeous cock into his mouth - all the way down. This guy isn't just sucking cock, fellas. He's making love to his buddy's tool and it shows with every movement he makes. He's savouring the experience and so am I! I think my own weiner just moved!!

When he's got it glistening with his own spit, Corey stops to look Aaron's cock for just a spit second before opening up and taking that rod to the base again. There's no acting, no pretending - just super charged sexual energy as he gets off sucking his buddy's cock.

Aaron watches his cock disappear in Corey's mouth as he reaches up and grabs his buddy's head to gently guide his cock back onto his mouth. They're totally into each other and don't even notice the camera in the room. Fucking hot.

They change positions as Corey deposits a huge wad of his own spit on Aaron's dick head before diving on that rod again and taking it all the way to the base. Aaron seems hypnotized by his tool disappearing in his buddy's mouth over and over. He sits back and enjoys the ride as Corey gets into it even more...

Corey pops Aaron's cock out of his mouth and let's it snap back against Aaron's belly. That rod doesn't have long to get lonely though - Corey takes a big breath and dives back in to worship Aaron's balls for a bit. Rolling them on his tongue. Sucking one, then the other while Aaron's shaft twitches against his belly. This is fucking passionate action - nothing fake here!

Aaron must have been feeling guilty for taking so much pleasure... So he pulls out of Corey's mouth and wraps his lips around his buddy's shaft. Gorfing his knob right to the base in one thrust. It's amazing to watch Corey's cock disappear in Aaron's mouth as a gentle drop of precum glistens on Aaron's cock. He's into it alright!

Corey sees the precum and pops out of Aaron's mouth so he can gobble up the precum fresh from Aaron's cock. Of course he does this by swallowing Aaron's shaft nice and slow. This makes Aaron let out a little gasp as his body relaxes and he accepts that he's the one getting the blowjob! Tough luck!

They switch positions again so Aaron is kneeling over Corey. Coreys starts on Aaron's balls again but before you know it his head is disappearing between Aaron's legs as he chows down on his buddy's butthole. Of course, the position is a bit ackward so he repositions Aaron so that he can get at his butt.

He spreads his cheeks and the camera is right there as Corey's tongue disappears in Aaron's asshole. This aint no "lick around the edges" rimjob either. He literally devours his buddy's hole stopping only to look at that perfect little pucker.

Aaron can't take it anymore and whips around and dives on Corey's cock again. As much as I enjoy watching Corey give head, I gotta say Aaron is a close second. No big show here... he just gently slides his buddy's shaft all the way down his throat and sits there for a second, enjoying the feeling of giving aswell as receiving.

He pops up and kneels over Corey one more time... Corey lies still as Aaron grabs his cock and starts to beat it. His eyes are locked on Corey and it only takes a couple of strokes before he's gasping for air and shooting a freaking huge load all over his buddy's face.

He glazes Corey's face with the first spurt, then the second. The third coats the matress and the fourth lands about 4 feet away. I swear, cum is still shooting out of his cock as Corey's fist becomes a blur on his own cock and it starts spurting.

Giant gobs fly out of his knob as he convulses on the mattress - eyes still locked on Aaron's cock. As his own tremors come to an end Corey reaches up and licks the cum off of Aaron's softening dick head. Aaron let's out one more little gasp and it's over.

This video features amazing camera work and real amateur guys getting off on each other. It might be the first "Shot by Jack" video - but something tells me it won't be the last!!
2010-12-08 18:42:02
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