AdultTime – Oopsie! – The Barber of Sexville – Trent Marx Reese Rideout

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“Trent Marx and his wife enter the barber’s room. As soon as they do, the barber, Reese Rideout, subtly checks Trent out. Trent notices this and becomes a bit reserved and timid but Reese is confident and in control as he pushes Trent down. Meanwhile, Reese encourages the wife to relax, giving her a hot towel to put over her eyes as she sits down in the background.

As soon as the wife is none the wiser, Reese hungrily begins working Trent over. Trent is so not used to being openly lusted for like this, which leads to him jerking off beneath the barber cape.

Of course, Reese catches onto this and grins as he cuts a hole in the cape so that Trent’s cock and balls poke through. Reese pretends to be manscaping Trent but it’s not long before Reese opens wide to REALLY get down to business.”
2023-05-20 23:20:03
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