Stoked Pt 1 - Raging Stallion Studios Dvd

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Hot, dark, dirty and dangerous…these words perfectly describe both the cast and location of CHRIS WARD and JD SLATER'S latest exploration of the landscape of lust “STOKED Part 1.” It seems somewhere in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District there is this boiler room. You know the kind, steamy, greasy, dimly lit, and isolated. It's the sort of place where all kinds of sleazy little tableaux can play out in secret. One of those spots where, if some vato wanted to have his way with you, you would be thoroughly screwed.
But down to the basement these men go, looking for trouble and finding the uncut cocks and craven desires of the horned out studs lurking like sin in the shadows.
2022-09-28 00:19:37
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